Spar Supermarket  |  Wine label
Very happy to have had the opportunity to work on this project that involved designing wine labels for Spar Supermarket, produced by Spanish wineries Viña Rústica D.O. La Rioja and Palacio de Paramon D.O. La Mancha. Both brands produce 3 varieties of wine: red, white and rosé. Viña Rústica also produces Crianza and Reserva. Sadly these concepts were rejected as the client believed that the designs would give their customers the feel of being expensive wines, and ending up not buying them as a result. Scroll down to see the actual label that made it onto the shelves: as requested by the client, a very classic design with a small image of a vineyard and classic serif font. 
I thought it was a pity to keep these designs in my rejected folder, so I decided to show them anyway.

Client: Spar Española
Agency: Disenius Barcelona
Year: 2013​​​​​​​

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