Amsterdam illustrated map  |  Postcards and poster
When I moved to Amsterdam I was invited by Coolpuk and Orange Panda Amsterdam to collaborate with them in their current collection of Amsterdam themed postcards. They wanted to introduce a latin touch onto their work and a fresh view of the city from the eyes of someone that was new to the city (me!). I created 9 postcards including this illustrated map that was sold out only one week after its launching! The design was so successful that the client decided to reproduce it in A3 size poster format as well, and some of the other postcards in magnets and key rings.

The illustrated map features the most iconic landmarks in the city centre of beautiful Amsterdam, famous for its cycling and houseboats lifestyles. The postcard is perfect for a present for family and friends, or to carry in your own bag whilst visiting the city as a guide through the must see places and neighbourhoods.

Client: Coolpuk & Orange Panda Amsterdam
Year: 2018

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