Hello! I'm Ely* Zanni, the bold and colourful graphic designer & illustrator on a mission to help companies stand out in this fast paced, visually busy market.
Born in Argentina and currently based in Amsterdam, I collaborate with creative agencies and work with clients from across countries and industries to create original graphic solutions for all kind of communication needs. With a strong background in branding and packaging, I can also work with brand books and produce playful illustrations for infographics, websites, packaging and campaigns.

The eclectic, colourful and versatile nature of my work is the result of my drive for experimenting, never ending curiosity, and a robust career built over two decades of living and working in different countries and cultures.

Known as Nomad Unicorn, I believe in the magic of working closely with clients, clear communication, and building strong relationships as they are key to make a project successful. With a clear collaborative brief and my creative flare I’m set out to translate ideas into outstanding work that bridges brands with their audience. And with a name like ‘Nomad Unicorn’ it’s not hard to guess I do things a bit differently.
I love creating honest work for nice clients and agencies who do good for our planet, make social impact, and value sustainability.
Ethical and responsible design is the only way to preserve and sustain our beautiful planet. That's why I like to work with customers and brands that are committed to do good for our planet and genuinely focus on sustainability, not just giving a green look. 
Over the past 8 years, I have worked with an array of international clients from different sectors including culture, education, data collection, roller skating, and self promotion for individuals. I also collaborated with agencies to illustrate campaigns for the city of the Hague, websites and infographics for organic foods, and to create packaging for Spar Supermarket; helped David Carson with Porsche, Umbro x Eliminator JP and illustrations for The Macallan. I also contributed to the UI/UX design for Tate Modern and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi multimedia guides in collaboration with Antenna International.

Graphic design
Visual brand identity
Logo design
Illustrated type
Event branding
Social media
Icon design

Vector illustration
How it started
Before settling in Amsterdam I've lived in Córdoba (Argentina), Barcelona and London, where I worked for several ad agencies, editorials and design studios for all sorts of projects and companies. With that vast experience and after my contract as a packaging designer for Spar Supermarket in Barcelona came to an end, I decided to start my own magical independent journey to directly connect with the clients and brands that align with my values and beliefs.
About me
Left handed and vintage enthusiast with a special bias for everything from the 70s. Strong drive for a green planet, zero waste, sustainability and healthy lifestyle. Sun and nature worshiper. When I'm not creating, you can find me roller skating in the park, bicycling in the countryside, getting inspired at a flea market, book store, or trying a new cooking recipe. I'm always drinking Argentinian maté 🧉 and my guilty pleasures are dark chocolate and chocolate ice cream. 

* Pronounced Elly ;)
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