Spar Supermarket  |  Packaging for line of brews
Following the design guidelines and style book created by art director and working under her supervision, my mission was to introduce a dynamic, modern and refreshing look to the entire product line for Spar Supermarket for their Spanish market.
The project involved redesigning more than 2000 different packagings and labels which we accomplished in around +2 years. My work comprised conceptualizing, designing and implementing solutions for a broad number of labels and packagings, ranging over a vast variety of materials and printing processes that required a special solution suitable to each and every packaging needs. For this I have worked alongside with each manufacturer to ensure an optimal outcome and end product.
The final result provided the brand with a fresh new image that successfully improved the client's reputation and increased their revenue and sales.

Client: Spar Española
Agency: Disenius Barcelona
Year: 2011-2014

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